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Zülküf AKDAĞ


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Journal of International Dental and Medical Research

ISSN 1309-100X



Editor-in-Chief  and General Director

ISSN  1309 - 100X




Prof. Dr. İzzet YAVUZ

Ectodermal Dysplasia Group-Turkey


Associate Editor and Director

Assoc. Prof. Dr.


Contents of  2013   Vol.6    No.3   



1- Evaluation of High Risk University Students’ Knowledge About Dental Trauma and Emergency Procedures

Nazan Ersin, Fahinur Ertugrul, Ozant Oncag, Menije Menderes, Ilhan Uzel

Pages 100-104         Full Text    



2- The Effect of Silver Diamıne Fluoride on Microleakage of Resin Composite

Ilhan Uzel, Ozlem Ulukent, Dilsah Cogulu

Pages 105-108          Full Text    



3- Dentistry Approach of Epidermolysis Bullosa: Two Case Reports

Gilberto Araujo Noro Filho, Bruno Vieira Caputo, Artur Aburad de Carvalhosa, Claudio Costa, Elcio Magdalena Giovani

Pages 109-112          Full Text    



4- Prosthetic Rehabılıtatıon of a Partıal Edentulous Condition By a Combination Of Extracoronal Semi Precision Attachment and a Cast Partial Denture: A Clinical Report

K. Raghavendra Reddy, Prafulla Thumati, G.V Krishna Mohan Reddy

Pages 113-116          Full Text    



5- Endodontics Simplified

Rohit Kansal, Sangeeta Talwar, Seema Yadav, Sarika Chaudhary, Ruchika Nawal

Pages 117-121      Full Text    



6- Radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear Medicine: Evolution and Role in Dentistry

Chappidi Vani, V. Nagalaxmi, Anshul Singh, Faisal Taiyebali Zardi, CH Lalitha

Pages 122-127          Full Text    







7- The Effects of Radiofrequency in Xanthelasma of Eyelid: Case Report

Mehmet Akdag

Pages 128-131          Full Text    



8- Primer Parotid Tuberculosis in Two Siblings

Muzeyyen Yildirim Baylan, Cihan Akgul Ozmen, Baver Samanci

Pages 132-135          Full Text    



9- Susac’s Syndrome: A Case Report

Akdag Mehmet, Cevik Ugur,   Aguloglu Bulent, Keklikci Ugur, Hattapoglu Salih, Topcu Ismail

Pages 136-139          Full Text    





Associate Editor for Dentistry

Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Filiz Acun KAYA



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